DEM-NPL Legislators Push for Spill Transparency, Increased State Role in Pipeline Safety

Legislators to call for draft bill, interim study in aftermath of Tioga oil spill

(BISMARCK, ND) – North Dakota Democratic-NPL legislators today announced an effort to require public disclosure of spills of hazardous materials and ensure North Dakota state agencies have the authority necessary to ensure pipeline safety. The legislators’ action comes after receiving information from the North Dakota Department of Health regarding the state’s response to the recent oil spill near Tioga.

“When a 20,000 barrel oil spill goes undisclosed to North Dakotans for well …

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Kevin Cramer Got Nothing for Shutting Down the Government; Continues to Deliver Nothing to North Dakotans


(BISMARCK, ND) – Bob Valeu, Chairman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, released the following statement:

“Sixteen days after throwing his lot in with the ‘kamikaze caucus’ of Radical Tea Party Republicans, Congressman Kevin Cramer has nothing to show for his temper tantrum that shut down the federal government other than the adverse impact it had on the lives of countless North Dakotans.

“Congressman Cramer already did enough harm to our state before the shutdown by letting the federal Farm Bill expire. The October …

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Legislative Leaders Schneider, Onstad Request Answers on Tioga Oil Spill

Current estimates are more than 20,000 barrels of Bakken oil spilled near Tioga, ND

Schneider and Onstad send formal request to ND Health Department, seek answers about the state’s response to record spill

(BISMARCK – OCTOBER 15, 2013) State Senator Mac Schneider of Grand Forks and State Representative Kenton Onstad of Parshall released the following statement:

“We share North Dakotans’ deep concerns about the recent oil spill near Tioga, North Dakota and are committed to making certain that a disaster of this magnitude does not happen again in …

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Cramer Votes Again to Keep Government Closed, Now Demanding Medicare and Social Security Cuts

Cramer demands Medicare and Social Security cuts while still collecting his own government paycheck during the shutdown

Congressman Kevin Cramer voted again to keep his reckless Republican government shutdown going into the weekend, as this crisis that he and House Republicans manufactured goes into its third week of hurting middle class families.

Since the shutdown started, House Democrats have provided Congressman Cramer 14 opportunities to work across party lines and vote to reopen the government at Republicans’ spending levels, but Congressman Cramer has refused …

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Kevin Cramer Keeping His Paycheck While Refusing to Do His Job

Senators Heitkamp, Hoeven donate paychecks to ND charities during shutdown

Cramer refuses to donate salary, takes pay while veterans and seniors are hurt

ND Republican Party Executive Director disagrees with Cramer’s position

Cramer complained that $174,00 salary doesn’t leave him much disposable income

(BISMARCK, ND) – Chad Oban, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, released the following statement after news that freshman Congressman Kevin Cramer is keeping his paycheck despite not doing his job.

“Congressman Kevin Cramer’s self-serving decision to keep his pay during a shutdown he …

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By the Numbers…Kevin Cramer’s and the Tea Party’s Government Shutdown

Because of Congressman Kevin Cramer and House Republicans’ Refusal to Compromise…

800,000. That’s the number of federal employees who are furloughed. [New York Times, 10/01/13]

$150,000,000. That’s the cost each day the federal government is closed. [CNBC, 9/24/13]

84 Million Acres. That’s the number of acres in 401 national parks that are now closed. [Department of the Interior, 10/01/13]

Zero. That’s the number of claims appeal motions that will be issued by the Board of Veterans Appeals. [Department of Veterans Affairs, 10/01/13]

200. That’s the number of patients – …

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Fong’s resignation part of a pattern of Republican arrogance


CONTACT: Chad Oban — ND DEM-NPL, (701) 255-0460 /

(BISMARCK, ND) – Chad Oban, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, released the following statement regarding Cory Fong’s resignation as Tax Commissioner:

“It is not surprising that Cory Fong is resigning in the middle of his term as Tax Commissioner. Fong was already one of five elected statewide Republican officials to originally receive his job by appointment, and is now the second Tax Commissioner in eight years to leave office before his …

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ND DEM-NPL Statement: Kevin Cramer, Tea Party Radicals Kill Farm Bill and Shut Down the Federal Government


CONTACT: Chad Oban –, (701) 255-0460

(BISMARCK, ND) – Chad Oban, Executive Director of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, released the following statement:

“Yet again, North Dakota’s only congressman, Kevin Cramer, has thrown his lot in with a ‘kamikaze caucus’ of Tea Party Republicans. Together, they killed any chance of passing a long-range Farm Bill and now they’ve shut down the federal government.

“The Farm Bill expired at midnight and because Congressman Cramer supported a radical Tea Party amendment that gutted the food assistance program, …

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