By the Numbers…Kevin Cramer’s and the Tea Party’s Government Shutdown

Because of Congressman Kevin Cramer and House Republicans’ Refusal to Compromise…

800,000. That’s the number of federal employees who are furloughed. [New York Times, 10/01/13]

$150,000,000. That’s the cost each day the federal government is closed. [CNBC, 9/24/13]

84 Million Acres. That’s the number of acres in 401 national parks that are now closed. [Department of the Interior, 10/01/13]

Zero. That’s the number of claims appeal motions that will be issued by the Board of Veterans Appeals. [Department of Veterans Affairs, 10/01/13]

200. That’s the number of patients – including children with cancer – who will be denied admittance to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) this week. [Wall Street Journal, 10/01/13]

72%. That’s the percentage of civilian workers at intelligence agencies who are slated to be sent home. [New York Times, 10/01/13]

40%. That’s the percentage of full-time North Dakota National Guard personnel that have been sent home. [Bismarck Tribune, 10/01/13]

$174,000. That’s the salary Congressman Kevin Cramer is still collecting during the shutdown. In contrast, Senators Heitkamp and Hoeven have pledged to donate their salaries to charity during the shutdown. [KFYR, 10/01/13]


From: Dem-NPL News

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