Statement on Today’s Tioga Oil Spill Legislative Field Hearing

House Minority Leader Kenton Onstad (Parshall), State Representative Marvin Nelson (Rolla), and State Senator John Warner (Ryder) have released the following statement:

“The Tioga oil spill was the largest oil spill in North Dakota history. The spill exposed serious concerns about the integrity of our pipelines and raised many questions about the state’s response.

“The purpose of this legislative hearing is to get answers as to why this spill occurred, what went wrong in the state’s response, and to determine what oversight and mitigation issues are being addressed.

“North Dakota now produces more than one million barrels of oil a day, making us the second largest oil producing state in the country. New questions are being raised every day regarding the state’s chain of responsibility and oversight of our oil, gas, and wastewater pipeline systems.

“The Tioga spill, and the recent revelations that there have been 1,500 oil spills over the last three years, requires us, as elected representatives, to determine whether or not there needs to be a more definitive legislative action taken to assure greater pipeline safety and integrity as oil and gas development moves forward.”


From: Dem-NPL News

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